Facility Information

Automatic payment machine

The hotel has an automatic checkout machine that allows customers to check in and check out themselves.

Self check-in flow

  • 1. Reservation inquiry

    Select the method for inquiring about accommodation reservation information from the reservation number, QR code, or name issued at the time of reservation.

  • 2. Confirmation of guest information

    Check if the guest information entered at the time of booking is correct and enter the missing information. Passengers who do not have an address in Japan will read their passport.

  • 3. Make a payment

    Select the payment method from cash or credit card and check out.

  • 4.Receive room card

    If there are multiple guests in one room, you can select the number of room card issued. This card will allow you to enter the room.

  • 5. Issue receipts and receipts

    We will issue a receipt with your address. Please remember to receive it.

Self-checkout process

  • 1. Collection of room card

    When you insert a room card into the automatic checkout machine, the checkout is complete.

payment method

Compatible with all denominations such as 1 yen and 5 yen. Settlement is performed quickly by batch loading or mixed deposit processing.
credit card
Equipped with IC card compatible credit card payment terminal.
* Some cards cannot be used.

Japanese yen change machine

You can exchange foreign currency into Japanese yen.
The Japanese yen change machine is located on the 1st floor next to the front.

vending machine

Vending machines and coffee vending machines are located on the first floor of the hotel.

Smoking area for hotel guests

All international streets are non-smoking.
When smoking, please use this guest smoking area.